“I usually do not follow any standard poses. I just patiently let the babies guide me and show me their best in order for me to capture their truest forms and characters.”

Chinni Nguyen

Prestigious WPPA Award Winner

My love for pets led me to photography. I have 18 rabbits, spending time to capture them brought me so much fun that was when i realised my love for photography and decided to make photography my career. I fully filled my time to learn about photography and to find subject that i love shooting.

In 2013 during my pregnancy, the thought of capturing the special moment of my first born was in my mind. The more I explore, the more passionate I become. I found my joy in photographing newborns and creating it as an art rather than a documented shot.

As a mother of two of my precious children, I understand how important it is not to miss this precious moment. I’ll never regret sacrificing that precious time to have their photos professionally and creatively taken, something that they will remember and treasure for a long time.

I not only believe in attaining the professionalism and mastery in lighting, angles, but also desire to find creative approach that helps my work stand out. In my photography, I love to focus on every little things in order to bring out the beauty of my subject and the stories behind them.


Represented Singapore in the World Photographic Cup 2019
Represented Singapore in the World Photographic Cup 2018

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